We begin by discovering your specific starting point.

I then devise a bespoke practice for you to be done daily at home.

Initially, I guide you through the form and we get a chance to look at any questions that arise.

Across subsequent shorter sessions, we have an opportunity to fine-tune your practice as the need arises and as the circumstances of your life change.

Integral to this form is the breath. As is the breath, so is the mind; by deepening the breath we are able to gather information about our state of mind.

Therefore within our daily personal practice, we seek to create a powerful and sustained breath.

By engaging with awareness in a carefully curated sequence of postures while sustaining a deeper, finer breath, you will gain a sense of attunement and clarity that can subsequently transfer into your life off the mat.

For this reason sessions are never just a one-off, since we need to spend time growing into your story as it unfolds. This process may take a matter of 3-6 months.

They can be entirely live and in person, or mixture of live and online, or entirely online, subject to discussion.

Working in this way, we can build an evolving working connection, which may suit you better that the anonymous dynamic of a drop-in group class.

This approach entails a degree of responsibility and commitment, which makes it challenging and very rewarding.

It respects the spirit of Viniyoga, a Sanskrit term meaning application. There are no “styles’ of yoga, there is just yoga styled for you, relevant to your life now.

How long for personal practice?

The length, characteristics and frequency of your  personal practice will all depend on your particular focus and availability:

If you are looking to yoga as a means of therapeutic support or healthcare recovery, your practice might vary from a brief 10-15 minutes twice daily.

If you are wanting to gain a self-empowerment or to develop a path of self-enquiry, your practice may well take 1 hour or more.

-For someone who is new or relatively new to yoga and is wishing to work on general postures, then a practice will typically last around 25 minutes.

The duration, complexity and intensity of your practice can expand as we develop our work together and as you learn further postures or embrace progressive facets of practice.

Fundamentally, your development will depend on your ability to make time for yoga.

Within this form of one-to-one learning, you will find a new-found confidence when practicing regularly at home.

Over time, you will come to develop your awareness and skills-set so as to be increasingly self-reliant and autonomous in your practice of Yoga.

For details of Personalised Yoga Practice in the Cotswolds, Stroud, Nailsworth or surrounding areas, or online if further afield or overseas, please contact me.

If you have any questions or would like to chat around your immediate needs, I offer a free no-obligation live or online meeting.


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