What is Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice is uniquely Customisable and Developmental according to your Needs and Aspirations

In modern life Yoga practice can be applied both developmentally
 or therapeutically to refresh health, well being 
and revitalise your potential from many different directions, such as to support our efforts to:

  • Access integration of body, breath and mind Yoga Practices
  • Improve and Enhance personal fitness and energy levels
  • Explore and Access physical potentials and specific physical goals
  • Influence and Elevate attention and focus in mental or emotional states
  • Address lifestyle skill issues, unhelpful living rhythms and dietary patterns
  • Reduce dependency on social 
and medical drugs or overeating
  • Learn to care for health issues such as 
back pain, arthritis, asthma, circulatory 
or digestive disorders

Utilising Yoga concepts it is possible, within a careful individual Yoga teaching, to introduce practices and lifestyle skill strategies that both respect our issues, problems or health, as well as supporting our intention to reduce their negative effects in the future, alongside cultivating positive alternatives.

Here the approach must be different for each person as our potential to practice Yoga will be affected by the problem, or the problem by our attitude towards working with it. However, practicing Yoga for healthcare recovery, as a lifestyle support skill or for personal development also presumes that we are willing to accept responsibility for making and sustaining changes within our own situation.

Also according to Āyurveda those diseases that are chronic and cannot be cured by medicine alone can also be helped by using Yoga. So Yoga can be used as a support alongside or complement to other forms of healthcare.