Are you new to Yoga and unsure of how it could help you?

Would you like to recover, support or strengthen your health, well-being and sense of purpose?

Are you feeling confused by the myriad of choices on offer today around Yoga and unsure as to what each style is, or whether it might be right for you?

Are you wondering if and how a  pre-recorded virtual routine intended for on-line streaming or a general group class experience, can support you, in your life?

If so, then perhaps exploring Yoga within a personal one-to-one relationship can offer a space for you to feel you can share your story and needs and to receive support through a personalised home Yoga practice.

As a comprehensive and holistic system, Yoga comprises physical movement, breath techniques, meditation, food and lifestyle, reflection and study. These are prescribed in in accordance with the particular interests and needs of the individual, embracing the specificity of the moment, their current situation and life-stage.

Given that we consider your starting point, that this starting point may change; and that we always return to this, we are able to set achievable goals.

This ensures a sense of continuity and ongoing development. It establishes a genuine space for learning, allowing for measurable progress. It also means that truly everyone and anyone can be a student of yoga.

For details of Personalised Yoga Practice in the Cotswolds, Stroud, Nailsworth or surrounding areas, or online if further afield or overseas, please contact me.

If you have any questions or would like to chat around your immediate needs, I offer a free no-obligation live or online meeting.


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